Packing and Unpacking

Packing Services

Packing is an optional service. While it takes you off that extra burden in your move, it also serves as a favorite amongst city high-flyers. Our clients handover the keys and either go on a holiday or remain occupied in their professions whilst we, at the Expert Movers Company provide a service where we have it all arranged in the new household for our clients to comfortably return and have a good night sleep.

Packing is a specialist skill, so we always recommend that you leave it to our professional staff.

Our packers wrap every piece of furniture individually. Upholstery is protected with individual covers and picture frames are carefully dismounted and wrapped in bubblewrap. We pack your clothes into portable wardrobes and books into special cartons. Antique or highly polished furniture often requires Export Wrapping for extra protection.

Plasma TVs and LCDs are packed in their own special timber cases considering their sensitive nature. All parcels and packages are also clearly marked with the room that they came from or which room they are going to.

Through our 22 years of experience and rigorous training for our employees, the following levels of packing are provided

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What you get with Expert Movers

We can provide removals packs which includes boxes of various sizes, packing tape and bubble wrap.

  • Superb range of boxes, including book boxes, wardrobe boxes and multi-purpose boxes.
  • Superb range of packing materials, including, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, sofa covers and mattress covers.
  • All boxes are double-walled for extra strength.
  • All boxes are made from recycled materials.
  • All boxes sourced from top quality suppliers – we know our boxes and only supply the best.
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Full Packing Service

Should you opt for the Full Packing Service we will typically send a team of packers to your home prior to your move and they will pack all belongings and prepare all items for your move. Expert Movers Company have access to quality packing materials and are fully trained, experienced professionals.

You can also choose a Fragile packing service. In this instance our professional staff will pack all your fragile items for you, giving you peace of mind and full insurance cover.

Full Packing & Unpacking Service

  • Confidential waste like documents, data sheets and sensitive documentation – are destroyed and a destruction certificate can be issued
  • Clearance of offices and buildings
  • Disposal of obsolete furniture
  • Specialist crews are available for the removal and disposal of all classes of hazardous waste
  • Waste disposal requires the controlled, professional safety-first approach that the Expert Movers Company offers.


Small Cardboard Box


Medium Cardboard Box


Large Cardboard Box


Extra Large Cardboard Box


Packing Tape


Bubble Wrap
Polythene Mattress Bag
Packing Paper


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